UFF® urea solution – OPTI N15

UFF® urea solution – OPTI N15

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Urea is a type of nitrogen fertiliser, and nitrogen is extremely important for proper plant growth and development. Nowadays, newer and newer versions of this product are being developed, which are distinguished by their greater assimilability and easier distribution over the area of the crop in question. A particularly noteworthy innovation is UFF® urea solution – OPTI N15. This is an innovative product in liquid form that can be used in orchards, gardens and cereal crops. What are the advantages of this fertiliser and why is it so recommended?

What distinguishes OPTI N15 solution?

UFF® – OPTI N15 urea solution contains nitrogen in the amide form, which makes this element available to crops over a longer period, thus avoiding nitrate accumulation in the plants. This type of fertiliser ensures even formation of lateral shoots and leaves, and has a beneficial effect on flowering and fruiting of the plants. It is also worth knowing that OPTI N15 solution is very easy to apply, as it has an optimum concentration (14.5% nitrogen content) and does not need to be diluted before use. This type of nitrogen fertiliser is also distinguished by its stability and can be stored for up to several years after purchase.

How to apply UFF® – OPTI N15 solution?

OPTI N15 liquid fertiliser is very versatile, so it can be used not only in cereal crops, but also to feed fruit trees or vegetables in gardens. However, it is important to follow certain rules. If rapid absorption is desired, foliar application is best, while topdressing will have a longer but slower effect. The specific dose of the solution must be adapted to the condition of the soil, the type of crop and its stage of development. Only then will it be possible to avoid over-fertilisation, which can be harmful to plants and also dangerous to humans.