UFF® – Urea Fatty Fraction

Urea Fat Fraction

In response to the growing needs of customers we introduce a new product to the market. Urea fat fraction is a nitrogen fertilizer, consisting of urea (about 73%), ethyl esters (about 22%), ethanol (5%). The nitrogen content is approximately 330 kg/t. From 1st August 2021 Poland bans bulk application of urea without nitrification inhibitors.


Urea fat fraction, also known as Danish urea, is a by-product of the extraction of fatty acids from fish. UFF® urea has been certified in Denmark to use urea fat fraction as an effective fertiliser. Danish urea is in a crystalline form. The 73% urea content corresponds to 33% nitrogen content.

UFF® urea can be applied in sprinkled form only together with an inhibitor or in solution form, so that it is also used in the post-harvest period directly on the straw in the field. Our company is the only distributor of Danish urea in Poland and is based in Kraków.

How to use Urea with Urease Inhibitor?

According to current regulations, urea with a urease inhibitor must be applied to break down urea in the soil. Urease inhibitors protect the amide form of nitrogen in the fertilizer. A comprehensive soil test should be performed before using this type of product. Using urea with a urease inhibitor requires a customized fertilization plan that takes into account specific soil and climate conditions.

What are the Uses and Dosages of UFF Urea?

There are three basic uses for Danish urea. The most common way of dosing UFF in Denmark is mixing it with manure in the tank. How does this work in practice? The fat fraction of the urea is added to the tank and then mixed immediately before the actual application to the fields. Usually tanks of 4000 m3 are used, to which one load (about 22 tons) of UFF urea is added. The concentration can be adjusted to individual farm needs. Alternatively, you can acidify the entire solution using low quality sulfuric acid. If the pH is below 6, nitrogen loss will be reduced. The ethyl esters, components of Danish urea, are rapidly biodegradable, making them safe for the environment.

A second way to use UFF urea is to dissolve it in water and separate it into two fractions. You will need a relatively tall container for this. The process is strongly endothermic – it absorbs heat. Danish urea dissolves best in warm water. The ethyl esters accumulate at the top of the container. There is a small amount of ethanol in the UFF urea, so it is important that the container has an outlet to the outside of the room during the process. UFF should be added gradually, the concentrated solution can be released from the bottom of the container. The ethyl esters are drained from the top of the container.

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