Another launch of our flagship product. We are pleased to announce that from now on we can offer our customers UFF® urea solution.

UFF® – Opti N15 urea solution is a stable liquid with 14.5% nitrogen content in the amide form, which can be easily applied with fertiliser nozzles. The optimised concentration does not force dilution with water before use. The stability of the liquid means that the product can be stored unchanged for several years.

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Also offered by us in full truck (tank) quantities, it is an excellent alternative to UAN.

Principles of UFF® urea spray application. What can it be used for and when?

The application of UFF® urea spray is a popular method of fertilising plants with nitrogen, used not only for cereal crops, but also in orchards and home gardens.

The high amide-N content of Opti N15 ensures that plants receive an even amount of nitrogen over several weeks. In particular, it guarantees an even and adequate formation of lateral shoots and leaf mass. Its beneficial effects on plant health and yield abundance are subject to a few rules that must be observed. It is also worth being aware of when we should not spray the plant with UFF® urea solution. A characteristic of pure amide fertiliser is that it is absorbed very quickly by the leaves, thus too much dosage can affect yellowing. Applications during periods of frost and strong sunlight should also be avoided if possible. From an environmental point of view, however, amide fertiliser is an excellent fertiliser because it has effective protection against leaching.


For orchards and home gardens, we dedicate the product in 5L containers. Foliar fertilisation of plants with the solution ensures better uptake of nutrients by the plant. It is also worth noting that the longer it stays on its surface, the greater the absorption. Hence, feeding the plants in the morning or evening or during cloudy weather brings the best results.

Solution spraying - multi-purpose use

The undoubted advantage of Opti N15 solution is the versatility of this fertiliser. Its use is possible for most plants. It is essential, however, that the doses are properly adjusted to the plant’s stage of development, the season and the quality and condition of the soil. Nitrogen is a key element for the proper development of plants, making flowering and fruiting possible.

It is worth noting that UFF® urea solution is the least steaming of the nitrogen fertilisers, but the key to successful fertilisation is to use the right concentration. In our recommendations, we always say that for pure amide fertiliser you should not use doses higher than 80kg N/ha at a time. The nitrogen composition of Opti N15 makes this fertiliser particularly suitable for early crops.


The product is offered both in full truck deliveries (tankers) and also in 1000L containers . It has a long shelf life and, despite seasoning, does not lose its properties under our climatic conditions. It does not crystallise.

Leaves or roots: which way to apply fertiliser?

The foliar application of UFF® urea solution is the most common; it is less commonly used topically. This is due to the fact that it is absorbed more slowly by the roots, as it has to undergo several chemical reactions before the plant can use the nitrogen. This process takes up to several weeks, as the amide fertiliser has to be converted back into ammonium and possibly further into nitrate before it can be absorbed by the plants.


Basic principles of fertilisation with UFF® urea solution

The fertiliser does not need to be diluted in water before use. The solution should not be mixed with other nitrogen fertilisers. Alternatively, it may be used in small concentrations in combination with a micronutrient fertiliser or magnesium sulphate, as well as with a pesticide (herbicide or insecticide). Such a combination enhances the absorption of other mixed substances by the plants.

In order to avoid the accumulation in fruit or cereals, of harmful nitrates, in dangerous quantities for humans, it is important to match nitrogen doses, appropriate to the species and variety of the crop, as well as to its stage of development and the quality and condition of the soil.

How do I safely apply the spraying solution?

Opti N15 is not a toxic fertiliser, but it is nevertheless advisable to wear a dust mask and goggles.

The spray is applied to watered plants, on cloudy days or in the evening, to protect them from the sun.

When spraying plant protection products at the same time, remember to reduce the dosage; in combination with the solution, their effect will be stronger.

In spring, spraying with a solution can be started when temperatures have stabilised to at least 10℃. When creating mixtures to stabilise the spray liquid, the use of water conditioners (MI6, MI6.1 in our range) is recommended.

Shrubs and fruit trees and cereals.

We spray fruit trees at three times:

  • in spring
  • in autumn, generally at the end of October after the harvest but just before the leaves fall off the trees opadnięciem liści z drzew
  • in February-March, to spray the leaves under the trees


We spray fruit bushes such as raspberries three times a year:

  • in spring, just after the start of the vegetation process
  • after the plants have flowered
  • two weeks later

Cereal spraying is a big help for:

  • winter cereals – tillering stage, beginning and end of stalk shooting,
  • spring cereals – at the stage from stalk shooting to the beginning of earing and from earing to flowering.

Avoid spraying at flowering and just before and after sowing.

Opti N15 has a neutral PH value; however, its application on strongly acidic soils will be ineffective.
On the other hand, in strongly alkaline soil, UFF® urea solution enters into numerous chemical reactions and this will not work properly.

Balcony and pot plants

The 1L product is well suited for domestic conditions. UFF® – OPTI N15 urea solution-based conditioner for balcony and potted flowers is a universal product. The concentration of the active ingredient OPTI N15 containing 2% nitrogen crystals is optimally selected for direct spraying. And the ergonomic bottle with a convenient dispenser facilitates the application process.


Therefore, before deciding to apply the solution, the soil reaction must be stabilised. We offer possible support in this regard by inviting you to contact our company.

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