Potassium fertilizers

Potassium fertilizers positively affect the proper chlorophyll color in leaves. They also promote healthy flower and fruit development. Potassium is one of the most important nutrients. Unfortunately, in Poland its natural presence in the soil is decreasing. Therefore, many farmers decide to permanently replenish this element in their cultivated areas. Potassium fertilizers have an excellent impact on crop quality.

Potassium helps plants survive drought conditions, as it is responsible for a more efficient use of water. Potassium deficiency significantly reduces crop yields and quality.

When to use potassium fertilizers?

Potassium fertilizers should be applied in early spring or before the start of the growing season. However, do not fertilize when there is still a layer of snow on the field. You can provide potassium shortly after the snow disappears, taking advantage of temperature fluctuations – very beneficial for potassium fertilizers. The alternating thawing and freezing of the soil ensures that the fertilizer dissolves perfectly, directly into the deeper layers of the soil.

A different approach is required for light soils. Too early application of potassium fertilizers may reduce the chance of uptake of nutrients from the soil by plants. In this situation it is best to start fertilizing just before the start of the growing season. We encourage you to contact our company. We will advise you which potassium fertilizers to choose. We act on the basis of extensive experience and knowledge.