Nitrogenous fertilizers

Nitrogen fertilizers increase crop yields because they contain the most important ingredient necessary for protein synthesis. They stimulate plants to rapid growth, and are responsible for supplying basic nutrients, which can sometimes be lacking in the soil. In our offer you can also find nitrogen fertilizers with sulfur from the best manufacturers in the market, among which ONTRADE.PL undoubtedly stands out.

The most common types of nitrogen fertilizers are:

  • Ammonium nitrate (Pulan, Zaksan, Anwil),
  • urea (Pulrea,,
  • nitro-chalk (Saletrzak27, Salmag, Canwil),
  • liquid urea and nitrate solution (UAN).

It is worth remembering that the need for nitrogen depends not only on weather conditions, but also on the developmental stage of the crop and its appearance. Most farmers decide to apply nitrogen fertilizers when they notice that crop development is impaired and plants are discolored.

When to fertilize with nitrogen?

It is worth knowing that nitrogen fertilization should be started only after the 1st of March. According to Polish law this cannot be done earlier. Depending on the region, nitrogen fertilizers can be used until October 15, 20 or 25. Exceptions are when weather conditions make it impossible to do so. It is also permissible to apply nitrogen fertilizer in the autumn when feeding fallow soils or fertilizing containerized crops.

What is ammonium nitrate used for?

Ammonium nitrate is a universal and popular nitrogen fertilizer which can be applied on winter and spring crops, industrial and root crops, and vegetables. It is also used on grasslands and in horticulture from spring to summer. The product accelerates plant regeneration after winter weakening. Feel free to contact us!