Nitrogen Fertilizers with Sulfur

Nitrogen fertilizers with sulfur are responsible for proper protein synthesis. They influence the appropriate content of sugars and fats. They increase the resistance of plants to frost and drought. They are sold in granular (Saletrosan, Salmag with sulfur, Polifoska 21) and crystalline (ammonium sulfate) form. Nitrogen fertilizers with sulfur reduce leaching of elements from the soil, allowing uniform uptake of nutrients. We also offer urea ammonium nitrate solution with sulphur (UAN-S) – an alternative way to supply crops with nitrogen and sulphur.

What is Saletrosan?

Saletrosan is a nitrogen fertilizer with sulphur intended for use on winter crops (especially winter oilseed rape and winter cereals). It may also be used in early spring for other crops: industrial crops, spring cereals, maize and root crops. Nitrogen fertilizers with sulfur are also used in vegetable growing and fruit growing.

Saletrosan is the best fertilizer for fertilizing cruciferous crops such as:

• rapeseed,
• oilseed rape,
• mustard,
• cabbage,
• kohlrabi,
• cauliflower.
Nitrogen fertilizers with sulfur are also effective for legumes: onion, leek, garlic, horseradish and potato.

Where to use ammonium sulfate?

Ammonium sulfate is a nitrogen fertilizer with sulfur that can be applied in the spring to all crops. We recommend it especially for early spring fertilization of oilseed rape and other cruciferous and legume crops. It perfectly affects the proper rooting of plants. It supports efficient phosphorus uptake, while reducing excessive uptake of potassium.