Mineral fertilizers

We sell carefully selected mineral fertilizers from the best manufacturers. This type of fertilizers have a precise composition tailored to the individual needs of farmers, so they should be selected according to the needs of specific crops. In our offer you will find nitrogen, lime and potassium fertilizers. We also sell multi-component fertilizers, so called NPK fertilizers.

There are two types of mineral fertilizers:

  • liquid fertilizers,
  • granulated fertilizers.

It is worth remembering that the selection of fertilizers must always depend on the type of crop used by farmers.

What to look for when choosing mineral fertilizers?

When choosing the right fertilizer, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations indicated on the package. When buying mineral fertilizers, it is worth paying attention to several factors: the type of plant, the stage of growth, the soil pH and the expected effects. In our offer you will find fertilizers used by farmers for greenhouse, garden and field crops.

When to use mineral fertilizers?

The different varieties of mineral fertilizers differ in the timing of their recommended application. For example, potassium and nitrogen fertilizers can be applied pre-sowing. They are also used as a top dressing during the growing season. Lime and magnesium can be applied either pre-sowing or just before planting. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will explain the effects of all fertilizers used by farmers, and explain the specific uses of the different varieties of mineral fertilizers.