The key to proper growth of crops is proper fertilization. In our offer we have, among others, foliar fertilizers for efficient elimination of sudden shortages of nutrients. Temporary deficiencies can be caused by drought, causing retention of components in the soil. Foliar fertilization is the best solution in the case of mineralization – a phenomenon that is extremely dangerous during rapid growth of crop biomass. It is worth remembering that foliar fertilizers are used only and only temporarily – in the long run they do not replace traditional methods of fertilization. In our offer you will also find effective fertilizers for cereals and beets. Feel free to contact us!

How to fertilize corn?

Corn is one of the most efficient grain crops. It takes in a large amount of nutrients, the content of which influences the fodder and consumption value of the crop. That’s why it’s advisable to choose the most effective fertilizers for maize, which ensure the right amount of yield. Due to the fact that maize is a potassium-loving plant, it is worth choosing fertilizers for maize with a high concentration of this element.

Fertilizers for rapeseed - which one to choose?

In our offer you can find a wide range of fertilizers for rapeseed from the best manufacturers in the market. It is a plant with relatively high nutritional needs. A seed yield of 4.5t/ha will take an average of 260 kg of nitrogen, 120 kg of phosphorus decaoxide, 340 kg of potassium oxide, 200 kg of calcium, 31 kg of magnesium and 75 kg of sulphur (that is about 185 kg of sulphur trioxide). Of course, it is important to remember that only a portion of this requirement occurs in the fall. In order to realize the full yield potential, however, care must be taken to provide adequate fertilization. Efficient rapeseed fertilizers, such as potassium or phosphorus fertilizers, are essential.

What is the best way to fertilise potatoes?

Proper fertilization of potatoes is not only a guarantee of a large and quality crop. Fertilizers for potatoes improve plant resistance and increase tuber storability. We particularly recommend nitrogen fertilizers that will create favourable conditions for the uptake of other nutrients essential throughout the growth period. Both natural fertilizers for potatoes and mineral fertilizers should be taken into account in fertilization. The choice of the right fertilizer for potatoes is determined by the abundance of micro-nutrients in the soil and the level of agrotechnology.